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Ijen Milky Way, Red Island Beach Tour Package 3 Days

Ijen Milky Way Red Island Beach Tour 3 Days

Ijen Milky Way Red Island Beach Tour 3 Days

Ijen Milky Way Red Island Beach Tour 3 Days | provide two beatiful places in Banyuwangi. Mount Ijen has already known for Its’ beautiful green crater lake, treditional sulphur miners and view of Milky Way. On the other one Red island beach is famous as surfing beach, beside G-land at Plengkung. Red island is known for beginner surfers but unlike Kuta beach in Bali, It is stronger and offering long barrel with four meters high

Milky Way in Ijen becomes an attraction for travellers to visit. To see It, you have to come on sunny weather or in dry season around June untill mid-October, and you had better come there not in full moon, because It will disturb your sight towards Milky Way. From parking area in patulding, Milky way can be seen but It is better on the top of mount Ijen.

To get the peak of Ijen you have to walk and climb from Patulding, trekking to the top takes 2 hours. On the top you would see not only Milky Way but also blue fire, but to see blue fire or blue flame you need to go down to crater for 30 minutes.

Ijen Milky Way Red Island Beach Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

Detail itinerary :

Day 1 : Surabaya/Malang/ Banyuwangi – Hotel In Ijen
  • Our team will pick you up in Surabaya or Malang and drive towards hotel in Ijen for 6-7 hours, or your driver will pick you up at Ketapang harbour Banyuwangi heading towards hotel in Ijen.
  • Arrived at Hotel, check in and free program.  you can walk and enjoy Blawan waterfalls, and hot springs
Day 2 : Paltuding – Ijen Crater – Hotel in Banyuwangi
  • At 12.00 p.m in the morning, your team ijen travel guide will wake you up in order to prepare heading to mount Ijen. From hotel your driver will take you to Paltuding area, the starting point to hike mount ijen. Arrived at Paltuding,
  • strart trekking to Ijen crater for 2 hours. when you reach the top, you would see Milky Way and bluefire on edge of crater, you could also see sunrise from Ijen and view of traditional sulphur miners activity around crater.
  • After enough enjoying ijen scenery, go down to Paltuding post, and continue the tour towards hotel in Banyuwangi.
Day 3 : Red Island – Transfer Out ( Banyuwangi / Surabaya )
  • In morning your driver will take you to red island beach which is located in Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. This island has small green hill and red land situated near the beach.
  • There, You can visit the hill by foot crossing the beach. There are also temples where citizens of Hindu hold ceremony. On the other hand, the surf in the Red Island is also ideal for beginner surfing.
  • After enjoying the Red Island, transfer back to Surabaya approximately 7 hours or transfer to Ketapang harbour in Banyuwangi. Ijen Milky Way Red Island Beach Tour 3 Days Finish
Facilities Include :
  • Private Transport and Profesional Tour Driver
  • Toll fee, Fuel, Parking fee, Full AC Car
  • Enterence Fee to Ijen Milky Way Tour and Red Island Beach
  • Local Guide to Ijen Milky Way
  • One night hotel at Banyuwangi Area
  • One night hotel at Ijen area
  • Breakfast

Exclude :

  • Self expense
  • Madakaripura Waterfall
  • Lunch and dinner

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We can also provide milky way photography at Kumbolo Lake, Bromo Tour, Papuma Beach, Baluran National Park, and still many more, You just inform Our partner to get the custom itinerary (according yourself planning).

We also provide other tour packages for you such as Bromo Ijen crater Tour, Ijen Crater Baluran, Ijen Red Island beach tour and many others. If you have more spare time, just pick another package to fill your vacation. More information about Ijen Tour Packages and Price, you can visit our contact.

Ijen Milky Way Red Island Beach Tour 3 Days