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Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 Days

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 Days

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 Days | This tour package is an economic package that travellers don’t need to stay in hotel at Bromo. In this Tour Package. we invite you to see Bromo sunrise and explore other Bromo tourism spots such as Bromo crater, sea of sand (whispering sand) and if you are lucky, you will also see the beauty of Milky Way.

This tour package is suitable for you who doesn’t have much time to visit Bromo but you still want to get there. One day is enough to visit Bromo to see sunrise view and other attractions there. So from Surabaya or Malang or Ketapang harbor Banyuwangi our driver will pick you up maximally at 11.00 p.m or 08.00 p.m from Banyuwangi in order to get Bromo Before sunrise.

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 Days

Detail itinerary of Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 Days :

  • Strat from Malang / Surabaya (maximum at 11.00 p.m) with approximately 3 hours driving to Bromo parking lot. When you reach Jeep rental parking area. continue the journey to the sunrise place on  Penanjakan 1, the highest place to see Sunrise and Milky Way.
  • When you have finished enjoying the sunrise, continue the trip to the crater of Bromo by passing the vast field of “sea of ​​sand”. After arrived at the parking area around there, then you can walk or rent a horse to go to Bromo crater.
  • After enjoying the view from the top of the crater. back to the parking area to proceed the tour to other spots around Bromo. such as the Meadow savanna plus the Teletubbies hill and Whispering Sand. Satisfied enjoying the vicinity of Mount Bromo, we take you back to Surabaya, Malang, or Banyuwangi. And Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 Day is completed.

Facilities of Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 Days


  • Private car with AC from start to finish
  • Private tour driver
  • Transportation fuel, travel tax, and parking free
  • Entrance fee of Bromo
  • Private Jeep 4WD for Mt Bromo Tour
  • Mineral water along the trip

Exclude :

  • Dinner and Lunch
  • Self-expense
  • Travel insurance
  • Horse Rental

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Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 Days