Mount Bromo Midnight, Ijen Crater Tour Package

Mount Bromo Midnight, Ijen Tour Package

Bromo Midnight Ijen Tour Package

Mount Bromo Midnight, Ijen Tour Package | This tour package is providing you Midnight Tour to Mount Bromo. Usually tourists come to Bromo and stay overnight in hotel. But in this tour package, you don’t need to stay in hotel in Bromo. You will only stay in hotel in Ijen area before trekking to crater. Fisrtly Our travel agent will pick you up at least 11.00 p.m in Surabaya or Malang. Then take you to Bromo area for 3-4 hours driving.

Mount Bromo and Ijen crater are famous amoung tourists and travellers. They have uniqeuness and amazing scenery. Bromo sunrise with the caldera view including savanna, sea of sand, whispering sand and teletubies hill. Ijen crater lake with blue fire which cand be seen when dark or before sunrise. Those are some reasons why many tourists come to enjoy them.

Mount Bromo Midnight, Ijen Tour Package

Detail Itinerary :

Day 1 : Pick up – Bromo Sunrise – Bromo Tour – Hotel in Ijen
  • Strat from Malang / Surabaya (maximum at 11.00 p.m) with approximately 3 hours driving to Bromo parking lot. When you reach Jeep rental parking area, continue the journey to the sunrise place on Penanjakan 1, the best place to see Sunrise and Milky Way.
  • Finished enjoying the sunrise, continue the trip to the crater of bromo by passing the vast field of “sea of ​​sand”. When you reach the sea of ​​sand, we stop at the parking area around there, then you can walk or rent a horse to go to the location of bromo crater.
  • After enjoying the view from the top of the crater, back to the parking area to proceed the tour to other spots around Bromo, such as the Meadow savanna plus the Teletubbies hill and Whispering Sand.
  • After that check out then the tour continues to the hotel in Mount Ijen. It takes about 5-6 hours driving. When you reach hotel, check in and rest.
Day 2 : Paltuding – Ijen Crater – Drop Off
  • In morning at 01.00 a.m your driver will wake you up and take you to Paltuding approximately 45 minutes. Paltuding Post is the start location to Ijen Crater. Arrived at the Paltuding parking area, start trekking to the crater about 2 to 2.5 hours to reach the top of Ijen Crater. You will enjoy the amazing landscape along the road, passing coffee plantations and rainforest.
  • After reaching the peak at 2.443 meters, wacth panorama of Ijen crater lake and watch the sulfur miners. After that, back down to post and hotel. Then return to Surabaya / Malang or Banyuwangi (Ketapang Harbour) and the program Mount Bromo Midnight Ijen Tour Package is completed.
Facilities include :
  • Private English speaking driver
  • Private AC (air conditioned) Car or Van from start until finish
  • Transportation Fuel, Parking Fee
  • Private Jeep 4 WD for Mount Bromo Sunrise tour (Sunrise from the highest peak, Sea of Sand, Crater)
  • Accommodation included breakfast in Ijen Volcano area
  • Entrance Ticket for Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater tourism
  • Mineral dringking along trip
  • Local trekking guide to keep your trekking on Ijen Volcano rim

Excluded :

  • Personal Expense
  • Horse riding in Mt Bromo tour
  • Savvana Mt Bromo, Whispering Sand
  • Blue Flame Ijen Crater
  • Madakaripura Waterfall
  • Tips
Ijen Crater tour package from Surabaya, Bali, Malang, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta :

Papuma Beach, Bromo Ijen Tour 4 Days
Ijen tour Baluran National Park 2 Days
Sukamade Turtle Beach Ijen Tour 3 Days
Ijen Crater Bromo tour Package 3 Days
Ijen Tour Baluran Red Island Beach 3 Days
Mount Bromo Ijen Baluran National Park Tour 3 Days
Ijen Milky Way, Red Island Beach Tour Package 3 Days
Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo, Madakaripura Waterfall Tour 3 Days

Mount Bromo Midnight, Ijen Tour Package is one of the most recommended travel package mostly request by foreigners, If You need to book this trip, You must make a reservation within 2 months before your vacation going on. For you who have spare time in East Java, We offer you other tour packages. Such as Ijen Tour Package, Bromo Tour Package, Semeru Trekking Tour, Semeru Bromo Ijen Tour, Ijen Crater Papuma Beach Tour and optional tour packages in East Java. More information about Tour Package, you can visit our contact.

Mount Bromo Midnight Ijen Tour Package


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